Harald Beckers
Harald Beckers DEUTSCHLAND

Professional Career

- 1955 born in Mönchengladbach - 10 semesters graphics & painting in Düsseldorf - apprenticeship as lithographer and scanner operator
- until 1993 Art Director
- since 1994 freelance artist
- 2000 Training as multimedia conceptionist
- 2004 Comenius Prize Winner
- 2012 Nomination for the International Peace Prize in Painting Klosterneuburg (Vienna)
- until 2015 lecturer for art and design at Flehingen Castle
- 2014-2017 Study of sculpture at the University of Landau.

Artistic approach

The quantization process in painting should contribute to this,
to step out of the mechanistic and causal thought process
and recognize our higher consciousness in methaphysical nonlocal space.
We humans think mainly in inner images that are made up of word, colour, smell,
Feeling and all that we have experienced - shaping our own reality,
where we look at the world.
Here two very different levels meet.
The classical, mechanistic world is connected with the quantum world.
Most people find it very difficult to make this connection,
because they've forgotten. But true happiness can only be found in the
Connection to our higher ego and not in materialism.

Painting, in particular, offers all possibilities to use the content of pictures
to create corresponding worlds that let us recognize,
that everything is connected to everything.

Recent exhibitions