Rudi Bannwarth
Rudi Bannwarth DEUTSCHLAND

Professional Career

Born 1962 in Ettlingen, Germany
1977-1980 Apprenticeship in carpentry in Ettlingen
1985-1988 attendance of the technical school for carving in Berchtesgaden
1988-1990 journeyman time with Josef Fux in Oberammergau
1991 Master examination in Freiburg
Own studio in Ettlingenweier since 1991

Since 1995 participation in various group and solo exhibitions in Baden-Württemberg
2002 Hambacher Schlos2003 Design Award of the Swiss Wood Sculptors Association for the work "Wohlstand oder wie Sisyphus heute den Stein Rollllt? 2003 Group Exhibition of the Baden-Württemberg Guild European Design Award: Prize of the City of Lichtenstein in Saxony for the work "Die Beziehung zwischen Mutter und Kind trägt wie eine Brücke durch das ganze Leben!

Artistic approach

Our society is shaped by its people
This fact provides me with an inexhaustible reservoir of motifs and themes that I sketch out with a chainsaw and a carving iron in wood. Figures such as the young mother who comforts her child or the elderly gentleman who alters his appearance across the marketplace are nothing other than an attempt to capture the reality of the image of the eye. I would like to reduce the atmosphere and zeitgeist emanating from such people to the essential. To convey my ideas clearly and convincingly, the mastery of classical craftsmanship is an important aspect. I do not want to decorate rooms with my everyday figures, but rather encourage the viewer to engage with the uncertainties of human existence. It is perhaps the most contradictory of human beings that fascinates me and drives me to ever new sculptures.

Recent exhibitions

2009 Mahnmal zur Erinnerung an die Opfer von Krieg, Terror und Vertreibung – Ettlingenweiher
2011 Teilnahme an der Bundesgartenschau in Koblenz
2011 Darstellung des Heiligen Dionysius, katholische Pfarrkirche Ettlingenweier
2011 Krippe für den Weihnachtsmarkt Pforzheim, gestiftet von Pforzheim Mitgestalten e.V.
2012 Krippe für die Pfarrgemeinde Ettlingenweier
2013 Teilnahme am Europäischen Gestaltungspreis für Holzbildhauer
2015 Ankauf der Krippe Jesus an der Tankstelle (Württemberisches Landesmuseum)
2015 Ausstellung bei Cern ( Schweiz )
2016 Europäischer Gestaltungspreis  1. Anerkennungspreis
2018 Bischoff  Heinrich - Tenhumberg Preis  Museum Religio Telgte