Wolfgang Dreysse
Wolfgang Dreysse DEUTSCHLAND

Professional Career

Born on 12 June 1947 in Sömmerda.

1954-1966 Attended primary school and extended secondary school in Sömmerda.
1966 Abitur and skilled worker's diploma
1966-1972 Studies at the present Kunsthochschule Halle, Burg Giebichenstein,
in the fields of technical design and wood design, then sculpture with Prof. Gerhard Lichtenfeld.
Then freelance in Quedlinburg.
1991-1994 artistic-scientific assistant at the faculty of architecture of the TU Braunschweig.
1994-2012 Professor at the Kunsthochschule Halle,
Giebichenstein Castle
Subsequently freelance in Quedlinburg

Artistic approach

My constant inclination towards my profession is based on a meaningful design canon anchored in the elementary human sense of measure and order, on a basic humanistic understanding of human and creaturely form, and last but not least on a solid craftsmanship. The aesthetic expressiveness of the most different materials in their material structures including the colour fascinate and are to be made the respective Gestaltideen useful.

My interests are :
the connections between architecture and sculpture in public spaces,
the aesthetic/content expressiveness of the most diverse natural and artificial materials,
the emotional effect of color on the three-dimensional form,
the plastic tectonics and structure characteristic of the respective material processing operation,
sculptural to the same extent as plastic approach to form,
pictorial design and perception theory

Recent exhibitions

„Osten trifft Westen“, Berlin, 2013, Kuno Schuhmacher, Kurator
„Hallenser Schule“, 2015, Schwerin, Schloss Willigrad, Günther Rechn, Malerei, Grafik, Wolfgang Dreysse Skulptur, Grafik
„Jahresausstellung, Künstlersonderbund“, 2016, Berlin, Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur
„PorträtKöpfe“, 2016, Kunstgalerie – Gernrode/Harz, Günther Rechn, Malerei, Wolfgang Dreysse Skulptur,