Hermann Hoormann
Hermann Hoormann DEUTSCHLAND

Professional Career

30.12.1933 born in Meppen.
After graduating from high school, studied art education, philosophy and German language and literature, worked as a grammar school teacher in Worms and Kirchheimbolanden/Pfalz until 1990.
From 1960 many individual and group exhibitions in Mainz, Worms, Krefeld, Düsseldorf, Paris - Nanterre, Hertogenbosch, Landau, Bonn, Frankental, Heppenheim, Speyer, Wörth, Neustadt-Mußbach.
Active as painter, graphic artist, book illustrator and caricaturist. Literature: Graphic art.
1981, Memmingen: To the etchings by H. Hoormann. Hermann Hoormann, etchings; Otterbach 1995.
2016 Artisto Verlag UG and Franz - Josef Bettag
Hermann Hoormann, Between Reality and Fantasy

Artistic approach

Fantastic - Realistic - Ironic - Grotesque, with a focus on painting and graphic art oriented towards classical art. Hermann Hoormann's series of ancestors has to do with the grotesque in art history. From the tendency to playful decorations, fantasy creations developed in antique murals, which became increasingly uncomfortable in the Romanesque and Gothic periods, reach a whole new dimension in the art of the North with the works of Bosch and Breugel.
Hoormann sees his relationship figures here. The Fantastic Realism created here is not an expression of a particular epoch, but a means of understanding the doubts and fears, but also the perception of the absurd and the comical, as components of the Conditio Humana.

Recent exhibitions

Ab 1960 viele Einzelausstellung und Gruppenausstellungen in Main, Worms, Krefeld, Düsseldorf, Paris - Nanterre, Hertogenbusch, Landau, Bonn, Frankenthal, Heppenheim, Speyer, Wörth, Neustadt -Mußbach.